Below are a few of our favorite transformations. While we admit to cropping and resizing in the “after” column, there has been no photoshopping, no sleight of hand. Except for the music room, the photos in each pairing were taken from the same angle in the same room on the same day. Really.


dog 06.JPG

We placed furniture, artwork and accessories in this formerly stark great room to create a comfortable and inviting living space.



The movers ask "Where do you want this?"  You point, and there it stays. But that's okay. It can move again.


A few adjustments to this music room creates a functional space where practicing is enjoyable again.


Hallways don't have to be boring!

Here, we illuminate key pieces of art to liven up the area and bring the eye up off the floor.

Anderson guestroom before.png

We love how pillows can completely change the feel of a room.


Sometimes there's no "flow." We pulled the furniture away from the walls to create a "light and airy" feeling.

francisco now 15.JPG

Below are a several more redesigns we've completed over the years, including a few with paint color changes. We'll let the images speak for themselves.